Saturday, May 10, 2014

Health Benefits Of Living Off The Grid

When the term living off the grid is mentioned, what comes in most people’s mind is sleeping in their cars and possibly camping for a while. However, there is more to live off the grid than this as it involves undertaking an ultimate consciousness change. It’s that desire of having what you need only and not taking from the land. It is about thriving in raw conditions where you eat straight from the garden, keeping in mind that you are the one tending to the garden. While it might not be easy to live off the grid, especially in modern, it is nevertheless possible and the whole idea is very attractive. Living off the grid is a self- sufficiency idea and besides saving you a lot of money, it comes with a plethora of many health benefits.

1. Eat nutritious foods 
Off Grid Cooking
Food is one of the main components of living off the grid. In this case, you will be glowing and eating your own food, which means that you will be able to highly nutritious foods. This in turn means that you will distant yourself completely processed foods that can harm your health in a great way. It is needless to point out how healthy it is to eat straight from the land as you will be providing your body with fresh foods at all times. There will be no trips to the grocery store anymore and you will sustain yourself and your family from farming. This is quite a healthier lifestyle that will have tremendous benefits on your overall well being. It is needless to say that the most nutritious way of procuring food is by cultivating your own land. You probably know too well that grocery store foods and commercial food stuffs are manufactured and altered by filling them with chemicals before they are available for consumption. The risk that such food poses on your health is quite immense. As such, living off the grid makes sure that you have chickens, rabbits, bees for honey and even cattle on your farm. These are the best foods that you should take to supply your body with proteins. Then, your land is also full of many different types of vegetables and fruit trees where you can pick and eat fresh foods right from the garden. 

2. Enjoy fresh water sources
Nowadays, most of our water sources have become very contaminated and you will be surprised to know that the water you use at home for drinking and cooking is very far from what freshness is all about. One of the requirements for living off the grid is having a fresh source of water on your property. You can get the water by digging a well or alternatively, a running creek on your property could also help. This will benefit your health in a major way especially considering that the water that is used in the cities is actually ‘treated’ at water plants and thus comes with a myriad of many harmful chemicals that are disastrous to your health. It is common sense that water obtained from the earth directly is much healthier. This way, you won’t have to worry about fertilizers or hydrogen sulfide, which could take a great toll on your health. Well, water is undoubtedly the healthiest water you can take not to mention that is also a sustainable option. 

3. Get physically fit
The idea of living off the grid greatly stresses on one leading an easy lifestyle where you ride a commuter bicycle for your transportation and walk as much as you possibly can. And another great thing about walking or using bikes for your transportation is that you are able to diminish carbon footprint in a major way. It is needless to say how carbon emissions from motor vehicles and machineries have caused a lot of health problems in major ways. A recent research linked these carbon emissions and pollution to a wide range of diseases including some types of cancer which is quite serious. However, with living off the grid, you become aware of this and using your feet as transportation means exposes you to less risks of health problems. In addition, walking and biking will help you burn off calories and even stimulate blood circulation in the body which will further enhance your overall health in a major way. 

4. Increased health knowledge
One of the main pillars of living off the grid is reading and this is an opportune time to increase and better your knowledge about certain things in life especially on your health. You will get whole new education especially on how to take full advantage of the environment to boost your health. Since you are more educated, you will become less vulnerable to various health risks, which usually results from engaging in certain activities ignorantly. 

In the end, there is no doubt that living off the grid is an incredibly healthy choice. It is a great way to void the hormones, chemicals and pesticides found in commercial foods that can really devastate your health wellness. And besides this, living off the grid comes with many other non- health benefits like reduced energy costs, reduced dependence on power and electricity and much more. The thing is that living off the grid is a more independent, much simpler lifestyle where your condition your body to do without most of the necessities of modern life. 

Living off the grid can be truly a difficult affair but with patience and commitment, everything is manageable. With good preparations and plan, everything is achievable, and you will be able to start enjoying the many health benefits associated with this kind of living. Living out there in the country is something that you will really love. It is a great way to alienate yourself from the hassles and bustles of the city and living in a quiet, serene environment where you are fully in touch with Mother Nature. 

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