Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Fruits and Vegetables That Grow Faster

Whether your intentions are to create just a small home garden for feeding your family and loved ones or to create a large garden to venture in small scale produce growing, it is always important that you select fruits and vegetables that grow fast. This way, you won’t have to wait for ages until that you are able to put them on the table for consumption. Generally speaking, fruits tend to take a relatively longer period of time before they mature and are ready for eating. On the other hand, vegetables are known for their incredibly faster growth. You might be surprised to know that fast growing vegetables can mature within a month. Here is a look at some fruits and vegetables that grow fast and which you consider planting and harvest sooner than later.

Cucumber seeds are regarded as the fastest growing vegetable seeds that you can possibly plant. Many people across the world are fanatics of cucumber, mostly due to their generally great taste and the fact that they are refreshing and awesomely cool. In most countries across the globe, cucumbers have over the years become a top favorite food for many. Cucumber can be included in salad and alternatively, it can as well be taken on a daily basis along with dinner or lunch.

Radishes are among the fastest growing vegetables that you really don’t have to wait for ages until they mature. And another good thing about radishes is that they are incredibly easy to grow and attend to. The only thing you will need to do after sowing radishes seed is watering them and before long, they will on their way to your mouth. After planning, radishes grow within a month and are ready and make one of the tastiest salads you could ever wish to grace your mouth.

Turnips are also known for their quick growth and it will only take you not more than two months at most to harvest them. Upon sowing them, their leaves should be ready within 45 days, and you can cut them off and make one of the most delicious and nutritious vegetables that you can set on the table. You can use their leaves to prepare salads, soups or even stews depending on your preference.

4-Green onions
Green onions have over the years become one of the fastest growing vegetables that you should consider planning. Upon planning, green onion stalks should be ready for harvesting between a period of 3 and 4 weeks. If you compare them with the normal onions that take about 6 months before reaching maturity and sometimes even more, you will be full convinced why planning green onions in your kitchen is the best thing you can possibly do. With good care and when all the nutrients needed are available including water, your green onions should be ready within three weeks or a month on the maximum.

Most fruits are very notorious when it comes to growth as most of them seem to take ages upon being planted. However, this is not the case with peas as they are known for their amazingly fast rate of growth. Peas are in fact known for being able to germinate within a short period of just ten days. Within two months their pods will have appeared and the while fruit will have grown fully and ready for harvest.

6-Peach tree
The peach tree has of late become a top favorite for many farmers due to its fast growth rate compared to most fruits out there. Within a period of just one year, your peach tree will have grown to a height of about 15 ft and the fruits will be ready by then. Peach fruits are among the most delicious types of fruits that you can possibly eat.

The mention of the word apples is something that just makes the mouths of many to become watered as they rated among the most delicious fruits one can possibly eat. And something else you should know is that the apple tree is one that grows pretty fast and you won’t have to wait long before the apple fruits become ready and you can start consuming them right away. The apple tree is one of the best plants you can have in your kitchen garden. While there are some fruit trees that start producing fruits even with as many as three years or above, the apple tree start to produce fruits within just two years.

8-Cherry tree
Cherry fruits are not the most popular types of fruits but those who really know about them need no explanation as to why cherries are a kind of fruit that having in your garden is not optional, but a must. Growing the cherry tree in your garden is quite easy and it is only a year or less for it to grow and fruits delicious fruits.

9-Coconut tree
Most people really love coconuts but not so many of them know how growing them is quite easy, and that they mature very fast as well. The coconut tree even grows much faster when planted in a warm and hot environment. Most people grow coconut trees at their homes. For countries in the Asian content, nearly every home boasts of having at least one coconut tree and some even more.

10-Apricot tree
The apricot tree is capable of growing much faster as well and provides you with its delicious fruits within a year or less.The lost of fruits and vegetables that grow fast is much longer and you will be amazed to know that you have so many options available than you would probably imagine. To boost the growth of these fruits and vegetables, it is essential that you supply them with the right nutrients and adequate amount of water so that they can grow and flourish fast. It is important that you try growing a couple of these in your garden and see how it goes.

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